Founder & Director of SAAVM THEATRE , SUSHIL SINGH is well known theatre personality from Mumbai India. He was born at Holy place Allahabad UP. Due to Artistic inclination, he did his Academics & Training of Performing Arts from Allahabad. He is PRAVEEN in Indian classical Music & MA in Vocal Music from Allahabad. He did his Masters in Hindi Literature. Being theatre Enthusiast he is also a formally Trained actor. He devoted himself for Practicing Art & Music since 1985 under guidance of Guru Shishya Parampara. His thrust of learning MUSIC has taken him to so many great gurus from where he learnt " CLASSICAL, SEMI- CLASSICAL AND LIGHT MUSIC" and so much more about the Music in depth. Being a Studious and Religious learner he has still maintained the relationship with his Gurus and is in a long association with well known Music Maestro Shree Parmeshwer Dayal D Viswakarma from Allahabad ( Kiran Gharana ) . His 1st Theatre play was 'Praja Itihaas Rachti Hai' Written by Baadal Sarkar ( 1987 ) 'Yugant Shrap' written by Ravi Kiran Shastri. He is B grade artist from All India Radio Allahabad as Light Music Artist . He did playback for a feature film 'Aanch' for Award winning Actor Mr. Nana Paateker in the year 2003. He has also appeared in several Television & Stage shows. He is an active Member of FILM WRITER'S ASSOCIATION, Mumbai since 1996.

He has Produced , Written , Designed and Directed more than 20 successful plays. His recent creation was MannRangiya- A Musical Path in the year 2014, which was Written, Directed, Music given by him and he Acted too. He has given opportunities to young and talented artist to explore themselves and made them really a refined Actor & good human being. He has also personally trained so many successful actors of Bollywood as well as Television. Few names of those Actors are : Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal, Fardeen Khan, Kunal Kapoor, Manish Goel, Divya Kumar Khosala, Himanshoo Malhotra, Mohit Malhotra, Kalpana Malviya, Priyansh Jora, Kabbeer Maira, Ashima Bhalla, Mandana Karimi and many more. He has long association as acting coach with ANUPAM KHER'S Actor Prepares, Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute & other prominent Media Institute of INDIA. He has conducted various street plays, workshops on acting & direction for prestigious media institutes of India few name as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Nagpur & many more.


SAAVM is unique Theatre Group of Mumbai India, which provides a Platform to aspiring artists in various skills as Writing ,Acting, Dance, Direction, Production, Performing arts. We aim to accomplish the same by focusing on Artistic Grooming with the help of Literature, Music and Theatre skills. SAAVM intends to produce Experimental, Contemporary, Historical, Mythological, Musical, Artistic Theatrical Plays as well as Street Plays. SAAVM also conducts Workshops for Corporate & other Institutes. We prefer to groom artists & provide placements to them in Theatre plays & other Audio Visual Productions. SAAVM's MISSION is to encourage the Challenging and Practical performing ability of an aspiring Artists so that they can enjoy a fulfilling career in today's competitive Media Industry.


SAAVM The Platform is a Mumbai based Theatre group formed in 2009 with Registration no.: AL-29841, Year : 2010/2011, Under Society Registration, No.1658, Act 21, under 1860 Allahabad India. SAAVM (Sushil's Academy of Acting, Voice & Music) is engaged in creating performances, researching genres and disciplines and creating processes and performance methodologies. Our team comprises Writers, Directors, Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Painters and Performers of various Art forms. Our findings are disseminated to a diverse community of Artists, we groom all of the above mentioned skills through various kind of Artistic Workshops, seminars and Master classes. We also follow 'Guru-Shishya' Tradition and Discipline. We host and recreate the performances which were already scripted by legendary play writers that reach across Cultures , Rituals, Literature and their history.


Daddy tusi Great by K P Saxena (Adaptation Baap re baap ) Maut ke side efects by Pratap Sahgal (Adaptation Maut kyon raat bhar ati nahi) Itihas Chakra By Daya Prakash Sinha Love you Mr yamraj(by Pratap SahgaL re adoptation as musical comedy) Ek aur Dronacharya by Shankar Shesh Surkh gulab by manoj mitra (A musical adoptation Kissa Hakeem saheb ka Jaat hi poocho sadho ki by Vijay tendulkar Refund Jan Vijay by Ajit Pushkal MannRangiya a musical path By SUSHIL SINGH From 2016 we creating its own text Mannrangiya is based on Bharta muni Ntya shastra 9 emotions thheary its is an experimental story teling trugh music ad dance.

We performed our Theatre presentation in Famous & large capacity audtorium of Mumbai Rangsharda Bandra Mysoor Auditorium Matunga PrabodhanKar Thackrey Borivali Juhu jagriti Juhu Kashi Nath Ghaneker Thane


SAAVM'S Methodology is designed by SUSHIL SINGH himself based on practice of Music, Dance & Yoga, Drawing and Paintings. We Develop, Enhance and Enrich emotional sensibility by practice of SUR - TAAL, LAYA. It helps in understanding the breath and tools of aesthetics sense, It also helps to heal past blockage and taboos. Literature helps to understand text & simultaneously understanding and deal psychological and social factors of human life. It creates a Spiritual approach of person which helps one to express, get in-depth and enter in skin of any character which enhances actors performance.


Kathak Bharat natyam Chau Kalripayattu Ottan Tullal Martials art Maiming Makup art Painting & Drawing Functnal Training Horse Riding